Day 63: May 7th, 2018. Malapascua- the only place in the world to see the Thresher Sharks!🦈


Rise and shine! I woke up bright and early and met at Decodivers at 4:45am to dive with the famous thresher sharks. We took a boat out about 30 minutes to Monad Shoal along with other divers from Thailand, china, and Europe. Thankfully, I recently got my advance diver and Nirtox certifications in Australia as this dive was about 90 feet and I was able to dive for 43 min as opposed to about 25 min with regular air. I was matched up with a dive master Pawex and we dove down using a line, then went down a slope. We kneeled down and grabbed a line and watched the thresher sharks with their long pointed tails circling in front of us. We moved locations a few times and one time Pawex lifted my BCD vest and shoved me towards the sharks to get a closer view. It was exhilarating to see them swim about in front of our eyes.We also saw a pufferfish, starfish and damselfishes. I had my gopro to capture the shark video!

I returned around 7a and got ready for the day. My friends were awake so we got up and had breakfast at the hotel which included eggs, corned beef, banana dessert, banana and mango smoothies, and fresh mango and watermelon.

We decided to take a 3 hr snorkeling tour with a private boat of different areas of the island (600 pesos) including coral garden, a japanese shipwreck, another snorkeling site, and when hung out in the beautiful clear and perfect temperature waters of the north beach. We had a really relaxing and beautiful time on our snorkeling trip.

After snorkeling, we went for squid ink pasta at Amihad around the bend where the beach was quieter. The dog that was at the restaurant followed us and lounged at the beach with us while we pet him. We named him San Miguel after a Filipino beer.

On the way back to the hotel, we got $10 Swedish massages that put me to sleep! We went back to shower and then had delicious pizza at Angelina’s to celebrate Julie’s birthday! Again, we were accompanied by stray cats and dogs looking for food scraps.

There was not much of a nightlife on a Monday night so we called it a night.

Claudia Wong