Day 59-61:May 3-5, 2018. Cairns and Kuranda, Australia

After breakfast arriving back from diving the Great Barrier Reef to shore at 8am, we all said our goodbyes. It was bittersweet leaving the boat as our whole day was surrounded by great dives, amazing sea life, delicious food,and good company. We didn’t have to plan a thing!


I was dropped off at Caravella’s hostel and was able to check in. Then I made my way to the Kurunda where they had the oldest living rainforest, the Daintree. I ended up taking the skycable up for fantastic views of the rainforest and took the bus back.

Later that day, I meet up a fellow boat mate at his work at a local travel agency and was able to get a copy of some

of the Great Barrier Reef pictures as he has a gigantic and really good camera. His company threw a party every Thursday with free goon ( boxed wine) to start with the we walked to Woolshed for free beer and pizza/wings/chicken.


Had a chill day and slept in. Took the bus 1 hr up to Palm Cove, a nice beach area with cute shops.  The beach like many beaches had stingers (jellyfish) and crocodiles so it wasnt advisable to swim unless it was in the nets. I did see some people wind surfing though 🤔.


Later, had dinner at A warf restaurant Dundees with my hostel roommate Manna who was originally from Japan. 

We meet her two Canadian friends (one was going to stay for a whole and the other was visiting for 40 days). They were driving and camping most of the trip.

We went out to some bars and ended up at the famous Gilligans club which was attached to hostel.

Chilled out near the waterfront when a seemingly intoxicated aboriginal insisted on playing guitar for us. He was actually pretty good. We tipped him and everyone called it a night (3am??).


Took a shuttle to the Cairns airport and started my flight to the Philippines via Melbourne and Singapore.

Claudia Wong