June 26-27, 2018. Reiki Level 1 class with Devi Ma! Ubud, Bali


Ubud offers so many interesting classes. One of the classes is A form of energy healing called Reiki. I was fortunate enough to be in Bali during the time that Devi Ma is spiritual healer for 20 years and is teaching Reiki level one and two.She is originally from Australia but had studied and lived in India for 10 years.

 The class started in a circle surrounding a cloth and energized healing crystals and a candle as an altar. We introduced ourselves and our intention for taking their class. My intention was to feel the energy within me and feel how it’s transmitted to others. We learned that Ricki is a form of energy healing where the healer serves as a conduit for healing energy. We all had this very beautiful process of a attunement where, one by one, Devi Ma came around to us and opened us up to receive a Reiki energy even stronger. When everyone was getting attuned she asked us not to look at them as that means we are also give energy towards them. During this time I chose that it felt it appropriate to meditate. During the meditation and when I was being attuned, I saw a medium purple color kind of like a haze. The whole process was very relaxing. I felt a bit lightheaded after. Other people stated that he felt more relaxed, grounded, and when he says he felt angry. I love these were normal responses. Later during day, we learned how to give Reiki to ourselves.The healer should not feel exhausted after giving someone a treatment as they just serve as a passageway for light and energy. In order to be a more effective healer, the healer should also perform Reiki to themselves so there’s no blockages within themselves as they are a passageway of energy.  To begin a Reiki session you need to bring in the four elements. This could mean using sage, GoPali, or Palo Santo that is burned to cleanse/smudge the area. You can also use a feather as the wind to disburse the smoke. Water spray with essential oil can be used as the water element. There are also some sayings that are repeated by calling in the four directions (east, south, west, north)  and we called him ancestors in different spirits that were around to help us with this healing session. We then perform self healing by placing our hands of energy conduits in different parts of the body starting from the crown chakra top of your head down to the soles of the feet and then ended by placing your hands on to mother earth. The whole experience actually very calming music and the time and love that you put into the practice. Some people may feel warmth coming out of their hands, other people may feel their body shaking because of energy flowing through. I felt very relaxing kind of sleepy during this process. I don’t know if this is because of the lack of sleep I had the night before or because I felt the area in thr crown chakra (top of head area).We were encouraged to do Reiki and cleansing for 21 days. Cleansing including eating cleanly he such as abstaining from alcohol,white flour, white rice, and white sugar, caffeine and meat.  I was not aware of this cleansing process I was not mentally ready to of seen from these things, but I had already eaten a lot of delicious food and Bali and indulge myself in many noodle dishes and probably coffee and sweets so felt like I could do this. I had also had some drinks and some in the app. I was planning on eating cleanly and I’ve seen you from alcohol and meet during my yoga training anyways so this is just one week earlier. And I can do it and I personally have felt better in the past when I have done it so I will give it a go. My past experiences or that my skin was a lot clearer, I did not feel too full, and I just felt more lightweight. 

That evening I Had planned on going to acro yoga getting some exercise in that way and meeting new people but I felt like I wanted to kind of be by myself and not expel to much energy so I decided to go to a café and Read my Reiki book.  One of the exercises is to write down anything that you may be holding onto from the past or present such as fear anger crutches people and write this down as a means to try to let these things go. You should offer this list during your own Ricky sessions. This will help you remove your own blockages so you are a better conduit of energy. What may happen is that if you give a session and you yourself have blockages such as emotional blockages energy just might go to you or mostly to you instead of the person you’re trying to heal. It’s also just a good idea to get rid of these things that you’re holding onto as I feel that I make you live and dwell in the past instead of you moving lately towards promising future.

That evening I slept OK maybe seven hours and did not remember any of my dreams that night. In the morning a lot of emotions started coming out. This may be because of the attunement and Reiki that I have experienced the day before. I was also on what they call my moon cycle and there’s a full moon that was coming out. All of these factors probably cause me to be very emotional. Devi Ma had stated that people might feel some type of purging in the system whether it be emotional such as tears or physical such as headaches or diarrhea. Another girl in the class felt a lot of headaches. I was teary during the beginning of the next day which That sucks to do that in front of other people but I felt as though the group understood that this was a normal process and necessary because after it I will feel much better. After we did our own self healing My emotions started to settle down more and I felt calmer. 

After lunch, we performed Ricky on another student in the class. I went first and fell sleep on and off during the session. I felt that the hands of the healer were slightly warm and I felt her hands shaking a bit but this may have been because she was trying to get in a comfortable position to place your hands on me.  I felt relaxed during and after the session. We then switched and I performed Reiki on my partner. She also felt sleepy during this time. Devi Ma stated that sometimes she may be able to feel a lot of energy going to into her body so you can linger there a little more and it may be that a person is having some issues in that area such as physical or emotional. 

At the end of the session it was the end of our Reiki one course. We received your certificates of completion and I look forward to on going this on this journey of self healing and cleansing for the next 21 days. I also look forward to the Reiki 2 session next week as we delve further into those topics and learn of the way to do energy healing from a distance.


Receiving my certificate! 

Claudia Wong