June 23-25,2018. Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

After my quick trip out of the country to Singapore, I went directly to the beach town of Seminyak. It is below the surf town of Canggu and above party town of Kuta. J.L. Kayu from J.L. Drupadi to the beach and  H.L. Petitegenet to the beach seem to be the main happening roads. I went to Potatohead which apparently has a lovely sunset and beach in front of their amazing pool/ beach lounge. There is also a bar area with a DJ. I had a wonderful swim that evening. 



The next day, I stopped by Mrs. Sippy,  cool day club but decided not to pay their 150k ($12usd) IDR cover as I would not be there too long and it was getting dark and the place did not have sunset views. I decided fo meet German friend I had met at the moneky forest in Ubud and her new Austrian Friend. We meet up on the Seminyak Beach and watched the sunset which was unfortunately covered by clouds. Later that night we at at Warung Nia and at night we partied at a fantastic Brazilian themed restaurant club called La Favela. It was multilevel and they even had a mini Christ the Redeemer, a bridge, and a rooftop with different cars.


The next day, my friend and I went to Finns in Canggu for free entry into a pool party. There is also a sunset view at this pool, bars, a restaurant, and a DJ. All different age ranges were there. We stayed until after sunset ( a little cloudy again) and went on my way back to get my luggage and back to Ubud with a private driver. 


Claudia Wong