June 20-23,2018. Quick trip to Singapore!


June 20th

I hopped out from Bali to Singapore for a few days. Coincidentally, I made a friend in Bali that was on the same flight with me. She recommended to stay at InnCrowd hostel as Singapore can be quite expensive. I stayed in a 12 bed mixed gender room which was okay and there were medium sized lockers on the balcony as well as drying racks. There were power strips in the rooms on the floor but it is a little difficult if you are on the top bunk. The lobby was nice as it had plugs to charge things, good wifi, included breakfast of toast and boiled eggs and 3 computer for free use which was a plus. The staff was very friendly and helpful for advice on the area and they offered discount tickets for things such as the Cloud Forest and Flower Domes. One downside is that the rooms

only have a/c at night but it didn’t affect me much as I am usually out of bed and out and about during the day.

Every Wednesday is ladies night where there are many free drink tickets offered to the ladies before certain time periods. I went out a friend and we checked out Ces’t La Vie rooftop on top of Marina Bay Sands (looks like a boat on top). The bar had amazing city views and was also where Kim Jong Eun partied earlier that month.

We then headed to the Clark Quay area and went to Atticus for 3 free drinks and they also gave 3 free gel paintings! We hopped around to different places nearby including really good live cover bands.

June 21

Today I explored the Cloud Forest Dome which was quite spectacular. It was cold in  certain parts and had lovely plants and an ethereal looking waterfall coming down. There were also really nice stalactites and stalagmites displayed on one of the levels and nice walkways throughout.

I went to the Flower Dome after which had plants from different areas such as a California and Mediterranean species. I am not a plant expert and since I was already in awe of the plants in the Cloud Forest I did not find this dome as good.

I tried going up to the Skywalk which is a walkway up on the iconic Singapore trees but it was raining and it was closed at that time.

I went back and tool a nice nap as I was tired from ladies night and the day of walking.

Thank evening I took the free scooter/razor tour offered by the hostel.

I highly recommend it! It was 4-5hrs and includes a nice overview of the city and watching the water fountain show and tree light show. You better hustle though or you will be lift behind if you don’t keep up on the scooter!

June 22

Visited the Hindu Temple Sri Mariamman temple which was very ornate on the outside and quiet on the inside.

My favorite was the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which was a few floors and had a nice display of Buddha’s Stories.

I went to the hawker stalls Maxwell Food Center and ate at the Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken stall which earned a well deserved

I went out with a friend from the hostel and her friend that lives in Singapore and we ate at Telok Ayer hawker stalls which was very nice with satay stalls in the back. We then walked around past the iconic Merlion statue (one of 5 and is a combination of a fish and a lion), past the backpacker bars of Boat Quay, and Clark Quay. In Clark Quay there was a fancy lounge that had upscale beer pong on nice tables with lights.

June 23rd

Ventured out to Sentosa Island with a friend for a few hours. It was where Trump and Kim Jong Eun had their famous meeting earlier this month on June 12th at Capella Singapore Hotel. We took the MRT to the Harbor Station and walked across the bridge. There is the Universal Studios amusement park on this island and also nice beaches such as Palawan Beach.  There are also residential homes you can live that. I heard that the sand was brought in from Malaysia and we noticed that there were different textures of the sand too. Probably for some genius reason. Singapore seems to have it all figured out. I was running short on time so I used one of those bikes that you can rent off the street through an app to make it back to the MRT station and then the hostel to pick up the luggage and then the airport.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Claudia Wong