Day 78-94: May 22- June 7th, 2018. Touchdown Amed, Bali. Time for rest and relaxation... and yoga!



On May 22 I arrived and then Denpsar, Bali in the country of Indonesia.  I found my driver and we made a 3 1/2 hour drive to the east coast of Bali in Amed. We arrived at Meditasi Bungalows where Elizabeth Gilbert from eat pray love stayed and found rest and relaxation. I had arranged to teach over there for about two weeks which I was very excited about. It’s hard to root down and teach yoga while traveling so this was a nice treat. The Bungalow were super relaxing In the restaurant had lots of different traditional Balinese food that were very tasty and had generous portions. This meant day after day enjoying breakfast lunch and dinner while having a beautiful view of the ocean. I try to catch Sunrise is when I couldn’t around 6:30 AM. I stayed in in rustic Bungalo were really we were basically outside as the walls did not connect all the way to the ceiling or the floor. That means if you have any food in your straw bungalow you’re at risk for uninvited visitor to come in and eat it such as mice and Luwaks which is a mix between a ferret and a cat and various geckos and insects. It felt a bit as though I was camping. I enjoyed the Bungalow life as I had two beds to land around with one for night time and one for the day to read. I also have plenty of space to practice yoga on my own and prepare to teach it. The bathroom was open air so you can see her out at the full moon in light of the stars and beautiful plumeria trees would drop their flowers daily to the ground. Sometimes the flowers will drop into the sink and I took this as a sign to wear that particular flower in my hair. All the guest were very nice and also were there to have some time to themselves, relaxation, and also connect with some of the guests around them.The staff were very friendly and sometimes I had some communication issues but not extreme difficulty. Right outside of the Bungalo so you can snorkel the coral gardens. Activities that were offered for people in the yoga retreat and also for myself for helping make ceremonial offerings which were made out of coconut tree leaves and flowers, making jamu which is a delicious herbal drink made out of banana and Tumeric and I can have Betel  leaves in it, Sightseeing, Balinese cooking class, And excursion to watch the sunset at Sunset point, and two yoga classes daily except for Sunday. We visitd the famous temple Pura Lempuyang which has seven parts to it and a massive 1000+ stair climb to the top temple. Note that you cannot visit any of the temples if you are a female on her period which unfortunately happed to me but I able to see part of it from the side road. We also visited the beautiful Tirta Gangga Water Palace. 


The owner was a fun and silly guy that was ultra spiritual. He had a home right next to the Bungalow’s and he had his own ceremonial areas. He meditated twice today at 12 noon and 6 PM and also perform energy healing QRAK which is similar to Reiki. He always made sure all the gas and yoga teachers felt right at home and had everything they needed. He stated he was spiritual in the morning until 8:30 AM and then rock ‘n’ roll the rest of the time which included drinking Balinese moonshine called Arak. Outside of teaching yoga for the bungalows I also helped respond to some emails and help with social media. I developed a nice relationship with the owner’s family and they had even inviting me to share in ceremony offerings in their home for Galagan festival and brought me along to their nephew’s traditional Balinese wedding in their hometown of Pid Pid. Galagan is a festival where good wins over evil and where ancestors that have passed on visit for 10 days. There festival ends with Kuningan day.

To one of the days I was there I went to the Baliku dive shop to die the famous USS (USAT) Liberty Shipwreck.  This ship was part of World War II and was taken down by a Japanese torpedo. It had been dragged on to shore but when the volcano mount Agung erupted, it shook Bali so hard that the ship slipped went back into the water. 

  on my last day at the Bungalow’s I went out to go snorkeling with one of the fellow guests who was originally from Finland but then moved to Bali a few years ago. We went on her scooter to Lipah to try to look for turtles, and then the Japanese shipwreck im Amed town, and then finally the coral gardens right in front of Meditasi bungalows. Unfortunately we did not see any turtles but we saw some pufferfish and other common tropical fishes.


 The Bungalow grounds were so beautiful that I had an idea to take sunrise yoga pictures. The owner being and night how are cool stated he could not wake up early to catch Sunrise so he cannot take pictures for me. Later that evening I met a nice photographer from Mexico and I asked if he could take pictures of me which he willingly agreed. The pictures turned out very lovely and I believe it’s because I put my wish out to the universe that it happened.  


One of the weekends I was off duty and made a trip down to Kuta for two nights where I went to the famous an expensive Sky Garden with different floors with different music genres including electronica, live pop music, and an Irish pub playing live acoustic music. There was also a buffet at the rooftop Where there was a DJ playing popular club music. I walked on the road to check out the lively and bustling scend and there were several other establishments playing loud music and also people on the streets offering transportation and marijuana which is extremely illegal in Bali. Cooter was good to see as I was curious about the area but not exactly my scene.


There is another area and Kuta right by the water but I saw at night so could not see much. 

I returned to Amed to teach a yoga for a few more days before I headed to a boot on Thursday. I will always remember Meditasi Bungalows as a relaxing place where I felt at home. I was invited back at anytime which I plan to do.



Claudia Wong