Day 51-54: April 26-29,2018. The famous Yongala shipwreck dive!

Woke up at 2am to drive my friends Bernice and Melissa to the Gold Coast and then drove to the Brisbane Airport. Arrived to Townsville at 11am from Brisbane Airport and hitched a ride from my seat mate to the Barracks for a nice view of the ocean. Walked around the Esplanade and then got picked up by Yongala Dive to do some grocery shopping ( no stores nearby the dive shop/ dorms).



7am cereal breakfast and 7:30a start time to meet for day 1 of the Yongala shipwreck dive.

The boat was a luxury boat that sank in 1911 during a cyclone that killed 122 passengers on board.

Boat dive

Clear conditions, great visibility, very blue with wonderful

Views of the wreck, marine life surrounding it. Too bad didnt bring camera out this day as the next day had poor visibility ( 8meters~ 24ft) as it was very choppy. The second day I was sea sick and threw up over board. I should take the sea sickness medication Quell, get fresh air, and look at the horizon to try to prevent this.

Yongala shipwreck- sunk 1911 with 122 people and racehorse moonshine. Not allowed to penetrate wreck. One of the worlds top ten wrecks and one of Australia’s most intact shipwrecks. Was not found for a long time and must have gone down quickly as emergency boats were not deployed. Finally ID’d after identifying serial numbers on an empty safe that was found in the 1940s.

Obtained advanced diver certification over 5 dives 4/27/18 -4/28/18.

Dives included deep, wreck, navigation, fish id, naturalist.

Sealife over 2 days:

Moray eels

Olive sea snakes

Horned sea snake

Guitar shark ( really a fish)

About 6 -9 foot queensland grouper

6 banded Angelfish

Shaded and normal batfish

Yellow tipped Fusilier fish

Coral cod

Giant trevally (silver)

Coral trout

School of barracuda

Flower cod (light brown and darker brown spots)

Maori Wrasse

Green turtles ( about 4-5 feet long)

Hawksbill turtle


Whip coral

Large clams

Brittle star cora

Elephant Trunk Fish (aka sea cucumber)

Unicorn fish

Others saw a large manta ray

Had trouble clearing ears at first dive but subsequent dives started clearing ears on the surface, holding nose and blowing out works better plus holding raising chin up so air bubbles go up. Can try chewimg gum beforehand to clear ears.


Completed the advanced diver course with navigation, fish id, naturalist, deep dive, and wreck driving.

Got nauseous on the boat and threw up since the waves were really choppy. Reminder to take quell ( sea sickness med).

4/29 Took the bus from Ayr station 12:30p to Cairns station.


Stayed at Mad Monkey backpackers to save some money!

Claudia Wong