Kruger and South Africa tips and observations

Kruger National Park observations and tips:

It’s nice to stay in a camp for night within the park and do included safari’s and bush walks ( such as Umkumbe, Olifants, etc). It is also expensive about $300 USD per person and up and different options from camping to more luxurious accommodations. You can only do an organized night safari ( not self drive as the park closes at 6pm).


You can save money by booking a hotel outside the park near a gate and self driving with in the park. We saw many animals self driving 6-11 hrs a day and stopping at camps to eat/ etc. Daily entrance was $27 USD per day ( credit cards accepted) and we bought a useful booklet with a map of suggested drives/ watering holes/ camps/ animal pictures/time estimations of how long it takes from gate to gate. There are clearly defined roads within the park and you do not need a 4x4.


Don’t speed in the park as you may run in other cars or animals that dart in the road.


Bring binoculars!



General South Africa observations and tips.

Up until about 100 years ago, South Africa was made up of tribes until the British came to dig up it’s diamonds and gold and decided to segregate whites and blacks (Apartheid) even though the whites were the minority.  Gandhi, Mandela, and Desmond TuTu fought against the Apartheid.


There are still dug up mine dump areas where people had dug up gold in the Gold Reef.


Everyone warns against driving at night due to drunk drivers/ accidents/ robberies.


There are some poor/ scarier looking areas but the Maboneng, Melville, 44 Square areas were quite cute with some very modern looking buildings. Take general safety precautions such as keep valuables at home and out of the car, etc.


Currency is in ZAR ( Rand), 1 USD: 11.83 ZAR.

Claudia Wong