Day 33-37: April 5-9, 2018. The most livable city. Melbourne, Australia.

April 4th, 2018-April 5th, travel days from South Africa to Australia.

April 6, 2018

Arrived in Melbourne at 5:15am, got a 24 g sim card for 30aus and ubered to my friend Jeanette’s house. She graciously let us stay at her house in the Brunswick area. I met Jeanette on a tour of Spain and Portugal in 2011 and saw her briefly in when she had a long lay over in Los Angeles.

Took a long recovery nap and headed out to a 2:30p walking tour of Melbourne which has a history of British rule.


Tour notes:

Started off at the State Library of Victoria where there was a statue of Ned Kelly.

Ned kelly (Heath ledger 2003) bush ranger (Australian cowboy) and rob banks - burned mortgage papers for the poor -farmers 4 members shooting 3 police - most wanted man from British empire - wore iron suit and survived 44kg - final words “such is life” - armor is at state library.

Visited and old jail which was converted to a university.

1788 convicts sent by British to Sydney.

Walked through Carlton Gardens where the guide jokes about drop bears.

Originally had aborigines.

Melbourne orig called New South Wales.

Just lost American Colonies, sent convicts over, didnt want French to come over ( during Neopolean).

1835 Europeans came.

John Batman came from Tasmanian convict colony and bought land now known as Melbourne.

1836 became British settlement when Richard Burg came.

1850 Gold Rush.

Royal exhibition building for the world fair in 1880 before the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

1901 Federation occurred. Queen of England is Queen of state. It was the original parliament house.

1956 Melbourne 1st city outside Europe to have Olympics in the building.

1851 Melbourne at the time wanted to be separated from New South Wales. Approval from queen and now called the state of Victoria. 3 weeks later gold was found in Victoria Gold Rush.

1880s richest city.

1893 economic collapse.

Visited the parliment government building.

Cambra is a planned capital. Ready 1927.

Rumored to have a tunnel to the red light district.

Melbourne named after British Prime Minister William Melbourne. Previously called Batmania.

Stopped to have a snack in chinatown.

Explored the shops in the Royal and Block arcade.

Walked down Hosier lane with graffiti art.

At night we went to the Rooftop bar

and Bimbos.


Later, met up Jeanette and 2 of her friends for drinks at the Cabinet downtown before they went off to watch a comedy show at the comedy festival.

Later on we ended up having dinner with the tour guide at a place with good chicken parmesan.

Night time activities were bar hopping at Rooftop bar and meeting some locals. We went to a nice cocktail bar 1806 after and then the grabbed pizza at Pizza Pizza Pizza!

April 7th, 2018.

Taught yoga at Princes park and then we had an acroyoga class taught by one of the students! Learned a lot of new moves and met some nice people.


After yoga, we headed off to our friend Nicole’s going away party in Edinburgh Castle pub as she is going to work at Spotify in New York. She surprised is by announcing she was pregnant!

For dinner, we ate at Etta with Jeannette and Kylie who I meet at a tour of Portugal and northern Spain  in 2011.  Afterwards, went out for cocktails at Atticus Finch and Amelia Shaw.


April 8th, 2018

Ubered to the nice beach area called St. Kilda to brunch with our friend Nina I had met in Sevilla in 2014.  We walked around a bit to see many people laying out on the beach and am outdoor crafts market.

Later, we watched a local breakdancing competition, Mortal Kombreak which a yoga student participated in.

Dinner was a yummy Moroccan restaurant called Moroccan soup with another yoga friend.


April 9th, 2018

Went wedding dress shopping for my best friend’s upcoming August wedding in New Zealand. We found out that there are alot of wedding dressings on Sydney Road. After a whole day of shopping and lunching at I love dumplings we finally decided on a beautiful sweatheart neckline and mermaid style dress at the Brides of Brunswick.


For dinner, we treated our guest hosts to Veggie Bar with veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, and vietnamese noodle soup. 



Got on a plane again from Melbourne to Sydney. 





Claudia Wong