India tips and random facts

Useful travel tips!

-Use charles schwab to withdraw money from atm in local currency- your atm fees will be returned

-Use chase reserve credit card for no international fees, priority pass card (use of various airport lounges), and more!

- download mapswithme app and the country map before leaving the country if an offline map is needed. 

-Download apps/ music/ videos you may want before the trip as internet speeds may be slow

-Learn some of the top hindu gods as they show up multiple times in temples and every day life

-Bring toilet paper as not all restrooms have them

-Have small tip money for random things, tipping restroom attendant, taking pictures with local people, etc

-Cover legs and shoulders when entering a religious place

-Purchase sim card for phone to get internet 2d per day/ phone calls- $3 usd for 28 days

-Bring Student ID for discounts

-Can ship back items to home if you cannot carry them

-thali’s on the menu is a way to experience a variety of dishes.




-Hindi is the primary language with it’s roots in the ancient language of sanskrit. There are 16 official languages- listed in their bill currency. Sanskrit is the ancient language.

- Men may hold hands as sign of friendship

-As a foreigner, the locals may ask to take selfies with you. 

- There are buildings with a mix of muslim and hindu architecture. 

- Cows are sacred and are seen everywhere such as highways, streets and are not bothered. Their poop is dried and used for fuel and to repel insects.





Claudia Wong